Thursday, March 27, 2008

The RZA...Robbed?

The RZA is the hip-hop producer that shook up the world with the classic "Wu-Tang Clan: Enter the 36 Chambers" album. After producing countless albums and movies, the RZA was interviewed by KOTORI magazine not too long ago about technology that was supposedly stolen by Serrato\Final Scratch, which deals with an invention of the "Replicator." Here is the interview STRONG LANGUAGE!!! - Interview with KOROTI Magazine - C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man - Wu-Tang Clan

Blog Redone...

I decided to open my blog to hip-hop and other types of music production. Since I have been an avid "hip-hop head" for a long time, I have decided to use my knowledge in that to help boost the topics on the blog. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Review - The Prodigy: Their Law The Singles 1990-2005

No electronic group today has accomplished what The Prodigy has. As the greatest selling electric act of all time, you would think a Greatest Hits album like Their Law would be a no-brainer purchase. The controversy. The heavy hitting bass. The stage act that just reminds you of what it is to be unique. The greatest tracks of this genre are all here, ranging from the fast paced "Firestarter" to the jaw dropping samples of "Voodoo People." The Prodigy cannot be stopped, and after 15 years of greatness, lets hope that we can see a Vol. 2.

Rating: *****

Absolute Classic

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the Journey Begins...

With all the free time I've had lately, I've really been able to sit down and get to work on Fruity Loops. I'm sure the people that have been reading along are wondering what the studio looks like itself, so I've decided to link some pictures from the internet so you can view the work station. (This is not MY work, I'll hopefully have some screens of my songs later on.)

A Great Find

After checking my comments, I had noticed someone wanted me to review a website. It's very hard to find good websites that are in English, but this was a great find. The name of the website is; a website with a plethora of information on any type of dance themed music. There are also great samples, instrumentals, and ideas for starting music. This site is useful for anyone with any level of knowledge.

Overall: ****

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finally Learning.....

This weekend was my first truly indepth look into the world of Fruity Loops. Fruity Loops Studio is a professional studio set up on your computer. It is EXTREMELY complicated (at least for someone like myself) and learning how to use and sequence instrumentals seems like an impossible task. I also began chopping samples, but I still don't have a hold of a nice MIDI keyboard so sampling is also a difficult task.
P.S. If anyone has an MPC for sale CHEAP...leave me a post, I'm very interested in getting a hold of one.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Upper Echelon Information

The Upper Echelon is in the works to be my debut mixtape. I've been working on getting hold of a MiDi keyboard in order to get myself away from the click-tastrophe that is Fruity Loops Studio minus the controller. This mixtape will include all original, fully uncut work and will be my first journey into the world of Techno. I'm hoping to have my material ready and finished by April, and I will keep everyone posted with snippets and segments from songs I am currently working on.


Paul Van Dyk: In Between - Review

Paul Van Dyk - In Between
In Between is Van Dyk's first album in 4 years. Since the release of his debut album 45 RPM, Paul Van Dyk has been regarded as a champion of Trance and House musics. With a slight change in musical style in his last two attempts, Van Dyk is finally returning to the essence of his music. Although not as soothing and experimental as his debut, In Between brings us back to an earlier Van Dyk bent on bringing his previous elements off the shelf to show the world that he is the same champion that was cherished in the Trance world. 13 years later, Van Dyk is still bringing music to the table that outshines his peers. A solid album and great attempt; only a few points away from being classic.
Overall Rating: ****
Tracks to listen to:


Welcome to Electronica: The American Movement. Electronica and other types of dance music are often based outside of the country (although there are many successful American artists and DJ's). This blog is for reviews, new material, videos, and outside comments about any and all artists in or out of the United States. Don't let the title mislead you, music is a link between cultures and by no means is this meant to defame any work done by artists outside of the country.

Reviews will be posted soon (based on the grading system below)....also keep on the lookout for my own side electronica project, The Upper Echelon, which is based entirely on Fruity Loops Studio 7.

The rating system will be based on stars, with one star (*) being the lowest rating and five stars (*****) being the highest. Half stars will also be awarded, for example, an album may receive ***1/2, or three and a half stars.

* - Don't buy it. Don't listen to it.....the worst of it's class.
**- Only 1 or 2 stand out tracks, best to listen to it before buying it.
***-A solid album, usually half or a little less of the tracks are great, and this album is usually worth purchasing.
****-Great album. These albums have small flaws, but are usually a pick of mine to be purchased.
*****- Classic. These albums are a must have. Flawless production is a must. Albums with this ranking are the champions of their class.